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Feelgoodmatters’ supports veganism and vegan businesses, especially those that are also making further changes for a greener, healthier and kinder future



Atarah is a 100% plant-based and organic haircare line for Black hair

Massachusetts, USA
TMF – True. Makeup. Freedom

TMF – True. Makeup. Freedom

TMF – True. Makeup. Freedom. Australian made. Bold, intuitive, honest, vegan, ethical, colourful.

Perth, Australia
Evése London

Evése London

Evése luxury skin reviving essentials formulated by nature’s finest ingredients.

London, UK

Vegan and eco-friendly showcase

We Are All In This Together

Small lifestyle changes taken on mass can make a big difference to both our physical health and the wellbeing of the planet. The two are intrinsically linked.

The vegan brands and services on this site have been selected both for their excellence and for their additional green credentials.

All demonstrate that even incremental adjustments to manufacturing and distribution can help make a difference to the environment too.

Lifestyles’ Hold Key To Health & Climate Emergencies

Solutions to the environment and health crises are as much dependant on people’s lifestyle choices, and everyday purchasing decisions, as they are on governments’ acting globally to offset the detrimental effects of modern living with protection of the natural world.

The actions of private citizens will determine whether mankind can change direction and save its planet from the catastrophic consequences of currently prevailing lifestyle choices.

This new way of thinking is influencing the way we live our lives and consequently the prospects of brands people are happy to endorse through their custom.

Feelgoodmatters presents the best vegan skincare, health, fitness, food, household, energy and travel products, paying especial attention to those that also follow organic, sustainable and other animal-friendly and planet-aware production policies.

Throughout the year we cover the entire eco wellbeing market through our Spotlight features: Wellness World (Summer), Making It Happen (Autumn), Future Earth Future Self (Winter) and Best For Vegans (Spring).

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Wellness World

01/06/2021 – 10:30

Making It Happen

01/09/2021 – 10:30

Future Earth Future Self

01/11/2021 – 10:30

Best For Vegans

01/01/2022 – 10:30

Latest: How Being Vegan Is Good For You & The Planet

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