Feel Good Matters

Who We Are

  1. Feelgoodmatters helps brands and trade businesses operating in the beauty/grooming, wellbeing and lifestyle categories increase sales through the provision of a low-cost, no-travel, alternative to trade shows
  2. We provide an independent method for brand management to reach retail and other trade buyers, providing a non-pressurised purchasing experience…something akin to the relaxed, but business focused atmosphere of our former Supply & Buy (2013-2019) in-person event.
  3. Buyers will be brought to site through our calendar of online exhibitions, newsletters, PR, and SEO, but especially through our wide contacts throughout the industry. We have a long-standing relationship with retail buyers, a goodwill established during the running of Supply & Buy
  4. Showcased companies will be widely promoted both on and offsite – providing an unrivalled level of support
  5. The look and format of the site will be similar to a premium ecommerce site, but one dedicated to trade sales
  6. The team behind Feelgoodmatters includes Jonathan Charles, founder of Supply & Buy and co-founder of several trade publications; Edwina Wynyard, founder of Amazing PR & the famous Amazing PR Blog; Miranda Jones, BSc Nutritionist, former teacher & founder of Best4Vegans

Why Join Us

  1. It’s a low-cost and no-travel alternative to in-person trade shows
  2. Provides a new way of communicating with trade customers designed to prove a valuable sales and marketing tool even when normal trade shows resume
  3. Includes a level of marketing support unrivalled by any other trade promotion, helping companies 24/7 throughout the year
  4. Achieves a far greater national and overseas reach than is possible with any physical event
  5. Allows businesses to explain their USPs and communicate changes instantly
  6. Builds upon the relationships and goodwill Supply & Buy (2013-2019) established with retailers, industry experts and supplier companies
  7. Actively encourages physical business meetings (within current social distancing guidelines)

How It Works

  1. Each Brand or Company will have a dedicated showcase page on site featuring images, text, contact details and links to websites, videos and social media
  2. Showcase pages can be updated at any time during the period booked, ie exhibition only, or for six or 12 months continuous promotion
  3. Brands showcased will be promoted on site through editorials (news, category and business features, profiles), exhibitions, and offsite through newsletters, PR/social media and direct personalised mailings to buyers
  4. Exhibitions will run throughout the year, each for a duration of six weeks
  5. Discovery Boxes will be sent to buyers on request – participating brand’s product (maximum of 2 Skus for each mailing) will either be sent individually or alongside other brands

A Full Exhibition Calendar

  1. A full calendar of exhibitions will be held throughout the year commencing with Breakthrough Beauty 2020
  2. Breakthrough Beauty 2020, will feature our selection of the best developing brands selected for the quality of their offer and their further commercial potential
  3. Exhibition highlights will include Prompts for Purchase, New Product Zones, Daily Previews, Newsletters, and Discovery Boxes
  4. Exhibitors will be widely promoted both online and offsite to retail buyers
  5. Forthcoming Exhibitions Include All Set for Christmas (September), What’s New in Wellness (November), Changing Lifestyles, Greening Business (January 2021)
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Showcase prices range from £175 to £345

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