What We Believe

Formerly vegetarian, the Feelgoodmatters’ team is now vegan. Why? Animal welfare, concern for the planet and personal health, in that order. Although, of course, they are all intrinsically linked.

Being vegan is the single biggest difference an individual can make to preventing the mistreatment of animals, reducing environmental harms and boosting personal heath. It probably makes further green lifestyle choices, such as switching to sustainable energy, more likely too.

Veganism is refraining from the consumption of foods containing animal derived ingredients, including meat, fish and dairy, and from the use of all products manufactured using materials sourced from animals.

When combined with also avoiding products that are either unhealthy or associated with poor environmental outcomes, and wherever possible steering away from companies that continue to increase sales of meat products while moving into the plant-based space for further profit, purchases must be made thoughtfully, almost forensically.

Veganism also encourages a move away from reliance on processed food to the more frequent choice of real fruit and vegetables, ideally locally or organically grown. Complete adoption of the lifestyle will also see fewer, but better quality and more sustainable household items purchased.

So, Feelgoodmatters’ exclusively supports vegan products and especially those that are taking extra steps to safeguard the environment and provide health benefits. We promote brand partners to trade and consumer buyers. Our information is intended not only for committed vegans, but also for people thinking about make the change, or those increasingly adopting flexitarian diets.

Vegan Businesses: Why Join Us?

  1. Feelgoodmatters is a low-cost and no-travel alternative to in-person events
  2. Provides a new way of communicating with customers designed to prove an additional sales and marketing tool
  3. Includes a high level of support, helping companies 24/7 throughout the year
  4. National and overseas reach
  5. Allows businesses to explain their USPs and communicate changes instantly to trade and consumer customers
  6. Actively encourages physical business meetings (within current social distancing guidelines)
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