What We Believe

Feelgoodmatters’ exclusively supports vegan products and especially those that are taking extra steps to safeguard the environment and provide health benefits.
We promote our brand partners to trade buyers, with the intention of helping them expand their sales. Our belief is that we all need to purchase fewer, but higher-quality items that are also better for the climate, environment, biodiversity and health.

Our information is intended for vegans, for those thinking about becoming vegan as well as others seeking alternatives to meat, dairy and products dependent upon the fossil fuel industry.

Mankind continuously finds innovative ways of doing things better, often in periods of societal stress. As all life on earth is now under threat, this ability is needed more than ever before, though this time what is new must not only be better commercially, but also be less detrimental to the environment, biodiversity and human health too.

Any solutions found will be as much dependant on consumers’ everyday purchasing decisions as they are on governments acting globally to balance modern living with protection of the natural world.

We hope that you find much of interest to you.

Brands: Why Join Us?

  1. Feelgoodmatters is a low-cost and no-travel alternative to in-person events
  2. Provides a new way of communicating with customers designed to prove a valuable sales and marketing tool even when in-person events resume
  3. Includes a high level of of online and offsite support, helping companies 24/7 throughout the year
  4. National and overseas reach
  5. Allows businesses to explain their USPs and communicate changes instantly to trade and consumer customers
  6. Actively encourages physical business meetings (within current social distancing guidelines)
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