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Ashanti Cosmetics

Ashanti Cosmetics was founded by Ghanaian native Rose Appiah in 2017. Rose, who has a degree in science and is a granddaughter of a Miss Ghana, comes from a long line of Ghanaian herbalists. She learnt her recipes from her famous beauty queen relative who had to learn how to make her own moisturisers and makeup because of the limited resources. She made her products based on family recipes that span over five generations.

Thanks to her upbringing and heritage, Rose became well versed in the secrets of naturally beautiful skin. And thanks to her scientific background, she knew how to combine nature’s best ingredients with science to provide the best formula for glowing, healthy skin.

“We believe that the softness of our organic ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut, all sourced from our family-owned farms, help our moisturisers, oils, and delicious scents to purify the mind and ease the soul,” says Rose. “They beautify skin without the worry of nasty chemicals or environmental damage. Each one of the products is bursting with organic vegan beauty and love.

“Our promise to you is to help keep your skin perfectly young, supple, golden and smooth without any added synthetics. We are 100% positive about the healing powers of love, peace and playful lust. So we highly encourage you to practice all three separately, or at the same time, while using our magical creams and divine oils to enhance your daily life.

“We try to channel all of this into our handmade and cruelty-free products, which represent the ageless beauty and elegance of African beauty queens.”

Lastly, Rose believes in her grandmother’s wise words that have formed the Ashanti philosophy:

“Beauty is simplicity”.

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