Atarah is a 100% plant-based and organic haircare line that hopes to change the narrative of Black hair by providing groundbreaking products that boost healthy hair growth from scalp to strand. All products are handcrafted with ingredients sourced from all over the world.

“I have always had a dream for myself: to be a corporate communications professional, making 6-figures, wearing killer heels and designer outfits while making waves as one of the brightest and best in the communications industry,” says brand creator Stephanie Eyison.

“So when I got the call to interview for my dream job just 3 months after having my daughter, I jumped at the opportunity. As I was being ushered into a new phase in my career, my hair had entered a new stage as well; what scientists deemed the Telogen Phase of our hair growth cycle – where our hair falls out. My whole head was a joke which left me quite depressed and desperate.”

Tons of research and most importantly prayer, led Stephanie to an all-natural and organic oil formulation which amazingly grew her edges back in about six weeks. “As a nursing mother, I didn’t want to use any formulation that would be toxic for my baby via breastfeeding, making the trial and error process tedious, but eventually worthwhile. By the third month, my whole head of hair was thicker and healthier than it had ever been.”

The ingredients were and still are sourced from all over the world; Morocco, Jamaica, Philippines, Israel and Ghana, to name a few – 100% natural and USDA-certified organic.

A year into Stephanie’s dream job, she was let go. “My world came crashing down, and to top it off, I was pregnant again. After a little moping around, I decided to take a big leap of faith and introduce my oil formulation to the world. My family and friends had been raving about how it had helped grow their hair so I figured it would be a great alternative to people suffering alopecia, especially postpartum alopecia. Atarah (which is Hebrew for ‘crown’) was officially launched July 23, 2018.”

Though Atarah has only been launched for two years, Stephanie knows that they have achieved a lot already and have much to be grateful for. “We were selected as one of the few black-owned ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ brands for 2020 The Beauty Shortlist Awards – Editor’s Choice. Publications such as Crown Magazine, Atlanta Voyage, Beauty Independent, Honest Bee Mama, amongst others have also graciously featured Atarah. For me, Atarah is here to empower women of colour about the beauty of their hair by providing effective healthy hair growth products. I intend on being a powerhouse problem-solver for women of colour when it comes to their hair’s health.

“Good People founder, Katie Longmyer, once stated in an interview, ‘You can start from your passion and build around it and it will eventually turn into a business’.” That is what we work towards daily.

How to use Atarah? Watch this video.

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