AZZEDINE is owned and run by Ahmed and Florence Marzaki, a Moroccan-English couple based in London.   AZZEDINE products come directly from their family run business in the Rose Valley at the base of the Atlas Mountains, produced in exactly the way they have been for generations.

The couple make trips back and forth to the valley through the year to collect stock, test new ingredients and contribute to the community who rely on this business.  Once they arrive back in England all packaging is completed locally with 100% recyclable and sustainable materials and practices.

In their first year, AZZEDINE won the Editor’s Choice award at the highly respected, sponsor-free, global Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2020.

So far AZZEDINE has 3 products; all extremely multifunctional and travel-size.

AZZEDINE Raw Moroccan Rose Water is made by steam distilling fresh, wild rose petals, which are picked each morning through spring and summer by the local Berber women. An ancient system that, unlike mixing oil with water, keeps all the magic intact.  Nothing is added or taken away, no additives, alcohol or extra water.  Therefore it is safe and gentle for all types of skin, eyes and hair, including children’s.

Rose is a natural anti-inflammatory and naturally hydrating. So it is a wonderfully adaptable product for keeping fresh through the day or while travelling (100ml), cooling hot or dry skin, red eyes, sun burn, adding moisture and perfume to your hair, on spots or uneven complexions, and as it has the essential oil from the petals still intact, works as a moisturiser – that you don’t have to touch your face to use – ideal in these times!

AZZEDINE True Moroccan Rose Serum is made with the powerful essential oil from the distilling process and is incredibly versatile – just a tiny amount goes a very long way.  It can be used as a moisturiser on your face, hands and neck, as a non-greasy, smoothing makeup primer and also as a hair or beard serum leaving you soft, silky and smelling amazing all over!

AZZEDINE Real Moroccan Argan Oil is the newest product from the brand.  Just one pure ingredient of unrefinedcold-pressed Argania Spinosa Kernels, a plant indigenous to Morocco.  With no chemicals, preservatives or colourings, the unmistakeable scent and exquisite gold colour are true characteristics of only the best quality, real Moroccan argan oil.  Rich in essential nutrients, fatty acids and Vitamin E for healthy skin and hair and with powerful antioxidant properties, this oil acts as an effective barrier and soft moisturiser to increase skin elasticity and reduce inflammation and irritations caused by pollution, diet and aging.

Included in an AZZEDINE gift box is a beautiful little bag; part of Morocco’s ‘Zero Mika’ initiative, totally replacing plastic bags in all their shops. Please re-use or recycle it.

“Naturally luxurious skincare, from our family to yours”

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