BrowsPop was born with the idea of the Precision Brows Pen: a quick, painless hair removal device designed for all facial hairs. This innovative beauty gadget is effective for maintaining your perfect eyebrows and removing unwanted hairs on your upper lip, chin, cheek, and peach fuzz.

Designed with a discreet look, the Brows Pen is for those who seek a portable on-the-go solution for quick touch-ups. People with no time and hectic schedules find great value in grooming and maintaining their looks in less than 2 minutes! The small size and lightweight allows for easy travel in the pocket, bag, or purse!

The Precision Brows Pen is made from the highest quality hypoallergenic metals, making the device completely waterproof, long-lasting, and durable in comparison to beauty gadgets that are made from cheap plastic. Moreover, the product is 100% sustainable, and eco- friendly!

The Micro-Precision Technology involves the use of a hidden blade that sits behind a guard of 12 small slits that are used to catch the trimmed hairs, allowing for a completely pain-free experience.

BrowsPop is defined by unique, trending beauty-hack products, which are designed to boost and enhance daily beauty routines. Our state-of-the-art products have proven to improve your overall skin. Our values lie in being able to deliver ultra high quality, yet affordable products to the global market.

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