Evése London

London, UK

Rejuvenating Skincare And Anti-Ageing Essentials

Launched November 2019, Evése London is an independent luxury brand of core skin reviving essentials formulated using natural ingredients.

The mission is simple – Select beauty essentials that deliver astonishing results to encourage unveiling and embracing one’s true self. In doing so, displays confidence and optimum beauty in a society focused on looks and aesthetics.

With a heightened awareness of environmental and social issues permeating our planet, a passionate undercurrent is a driving force behind developing the Evése range. Ultimately endeavouring to identify the most potent active ingredients coupled with the finest formulation for unsurpassed quality and functionality. Not forgetting a dash of luxury.

The Calling

Appearing in a dream, the name Evése came about while the creator Andreas slept. Being brought up in a female-dominated environment granted privy access to conversations, habits and opinions. Fused with passion for change and nurture laid foundations for a skincare brand to tick all boxes. Evése was born.

Reverse Innovation

The unique approach came by looking at history and building a brand from the ground up. All aspects of a ‘product’ were revised to determine factors which offer optimal experiences. References which lend itself to class (think Diana Spencer), lifestyle (think Marilyn Monroe) and showcase (think Audrey Hepburn) – icons admired by most and trendsetters whose influence remain timeless. A clean, minimal design fitting to any visual environment with gender ambidextrous or fluid appeal suitable for all and desired by all – This is Evése.

A simple selection of core essentials for all skin types void of gimmicks to serve one purpose all the while satisfying many levels of 21st-century demands. Then let the products speak for themselves.

Evése London – Luxury Skincare Re-Imagined

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