Revolutionising the bathroom with reduced plastic solutions that actually work

After seeing that today’s consumers were no longer excited by the humble bar of soap, a team of beauty enthusiasts came together at FOAMIE to re-invent the once-loved family favourite.

By removing the ‘soap’ and creating a solid cleansing bar a ‘syndet’ – the team were able to create a base for all of our products that was perfectly pH-Balanced for your skin and hair. FOAMIE launched in Germany in 2018, and quickly found love from our customers thanks to our striking designs, tongue-in-cheek communication, and innovative product design.

We are now on a mission to “Think Outside the Bottle” and re-invent the way you think about your bathroom routine, with planet-friendly solutions that function as you would expect, smell incredible, and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair.

Foamie haircare products have super powerful, high-quality ingredients. Both shampoo and conditioner bars are pH-balanced and their long-lasting scent that is super gentle on your hair. Our haircare is 100% free from soap and any other nasties such as sulphates, SLS, parabens and alcohol. We are vegan, cruelty-free and RSPO certified.

Re-invent the way you think about your showering experience with our plastic-free formulation. Our 2-in-1 Body Bars cleanse, nourish and refresh your skin with our careful blend of ingredients. Get ready for a creamy showering experience, invigorating your skin with massaging product design. Hang up the product to dry after use with our integrated cotton string.

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