About Holistic Solutions

Holistic Solutions is a leading spa consultancy and brand agency specialising in supplying sustainable, clean, natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free health & beauty products for spas, salons and retail.

As experts in natural products and holistic solutions we have a carefully curated range of beauty and wellbeing brands that we are able to offer directly from our portfolio. We can also source and provide alternative ranges in accordance with an individual client’s current and evolving requirements.

The products we recommend are always truly natural (nature is the new norm), sustainable, efficacious and chosen for their suitability for the UK market.

Our philosophy is that the secret to beauty is much more than skin-deep, so we promote natural remedies for the whole body, including organic herbal teas for inner health, natural topical skin solutions, pure organic makeup and nail care free of synthetic chemicals.

Holistic Solutions was founded by Julia Ribinska and Galina Boggis-Rolfe who believe a harmony of body, mind and spirit is the pathway to total wellness. Their strengths combine perfectly. Galina is a highly experienced educator, writer and integrative medicine practitioner, while Julia is an expert in holistic spas and natural skincare and makeup distribution.

We have it all covered! The complete holistic solution.

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