About Mr Vanguard

New Inspirational • Fearless • Self-assured Fragrances for the Modern Man

Mr Vanguard is a new inspirational, fearless and self-assured British fine fragrance brand for the contemporary man. It was created at the age of 26 by one of its generation fragrance aficionado Emmanuel Omoyele, working alongside a top UK fragrance house. Vanguard perfumes capture the change of direction in men’s lifestyle, weaving together style and quality and cultivating an aesthetic.

The modern man is seeking personalisation, stand-out fragrances that help define their individuality so providing them with a distinct platform to construct their own unique story. Consequently, ubiquitous brands have much less appeal, but Emmanuel knew that both the affordability and long-lasting compositions of commercial scents would have to be rivalled in order to make his vision a reality.

The result…Vanguard Eau de Parfum and Vanguard Oud which crucially combine exclusivity with wide appeal.

Just look at their amazing compositions…

Vanguard EdP opens with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and coconut before subtly developing into a heart of jasmine, lily of the valley, vetiver and rose. The base evolves with amber, cedarwood and patchouli – an irresistible composition.

Vanguard Oud stays true to the brand’s principles: a modern take on a classic formula. Not high in intensity, but instead a well-balanced, understated and long-lasting joy. Notes of bergamot and saffron are followed by intoxicating oud musk, vetiver, cardamom, rose and lavender. The endplay is ushered in by nutmeg, black agar, patchouli and precious woods. A stamp of power combined with a subtle essence.

Vanguard Eau de Parfum and Vanguard Oud have already won high acclaim, adored by many and attracting new customers and admirers every day, both domestically and overseas.

Vanguard Eau de Parfum 50ml £65.00; Vanguard Oud 50ml £75.00

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