About Virginia Stone

What is Normal?

The skincare industry adheres to a broken and outdated model. The dry/normal/oily classification system is incomplete and does not address the differences found within varying skin tones or the need to approach and treat each skin tone independently.

The Tone Factor

The most important factor to consider when designing skincare is tone. Your tone determines your skin personality which inherently defines unique characteristics like skin density, sensitivity, SPF requirements and potency tolerance levels.

Bespoke Collections

Virginia Stone offers three avant-garde bespoke collections: Kavesi for fair skin tones; Jasari for medium skin tones and Odaja for dark skin tones. Each is fortified with multi-layered antioxidants, vitamins and vital nutrients, a 3-in-1 superfood complex designed to stimulate cell renewal, combat free radical damage, inhibit oxidative stress and re-energise and awaken tired, ageing skin.

Beauty of Nature

Each Virginia Stone product is made fresh inhouse upon order and is protected from UV damage by placing them inside our custom-crafted stone Luxadors. Inspired by the beauty of nature these exclusive artworks are made from locally sourced and 100% reusable/recyclable materials.


As a forward-thinking eco-ethical and vegan brand, Virginia Stone only partners with sustainability-minded suppliers and organizations, working together towards a healthy future for our planet. We contribute a portion of our product sales to environment rejuvenation projects, operate a sustainable lab, and offer plastic-free reusable packaging to minimize waste and reduce water and energy consumption.

See the world how we see skin.

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