All Set For Christmas

Jonathan Charles 22/09/2020 1 minute read

No one can accurately predict what impact Covid-19 will have on UK retail sales this Christmas, but the industry is braced for a very difficult trading period with preparations delayed by lockdown and as both brands and retailers chase fewer customers.

The show though must go on and so our second exhibition All Set for Christmas opening today, 23 September, provides a timely opportunity for brands to pitch their offer to retail buyers and explain why they will bring customers to their stores throughout the festive season.

The exhibition covers skincare, haircare, cosmetics, grooming, fragrance, health and lifestyle ranges and will reveal why customers will be drawn to the brands on display, many of which are natural, organic, vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly – the products consumers increasingly want to buy.

Feelgoodmatters’ exhibitions run throughout the year with each having a duration of six weeks. Participating companies are supported continuously during the length of each exhibition, both onsite and offline. As a result, many firms choose to continue the support by staying on site for six or twelve months.

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