Go Vegan For Good

Jonathan Jones 19/08/2021 2 minute read

Buying eco-friendly vegan products will not only be good for the climate and biodiversity, but it can also bring you many physical and mental health benefits.

Vegans exclude the use of animal products in food and, wherever practically possible, throughout all other areas of life.

Although a vegan diet can be unhealthy too, especially now that there are so many ultra-processed vegan foods on the market, if choosing wisely most people preparing and eating only plant-based foods will see almost immediate health gains.


Weight-loss is often a primary motivation for going vegan as it can help lose those unwanted pounds. To live life vegan happily and safely though will require you to learn more about what you are eating, where to find essential nutrients and why plant-based foods will work better for you than their dairy and meat alternatives.

And while being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean you will eat less, it should lead you to consider exactly what you are consuming. As a result, you will be more likely to cut-down on unhealthy and fattening foods and perhaps, even, reduce frequency of consumption.


A guilt-free plant-based lifestyle can also help mental health to flourish. The sight of animals being transported from the field for slaughter is at the least an uncomfortable experience for most observers. And very few would wish to pay a visit to the place they are sent to.

But now, added to this, is the widespread acceptance of the environmental damage that the meat, dairy and fishing industries cause to the climate, environment and biodiversity.

So why not make the change or just trial veganism? Read How to be a healthy vegan by our vegan nutritionist Miranda Jones. For additional sites to visit try The Vegan Society and Veganuary.

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