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Jonathan Jones 01/06/2021 2 minute read

Throughout the next three months, from June to August, Feelgood Matters will explore the relationship between personal and environmental health, concentrating especially on the presentation of products that seek to improve wellness on both an individual and societal level.

Even small lifestyle changes can make a considerable difference to personal health and if taken by people on-mass can also improve the wellbeing of the planet. Growing numbers are increasingly realising that the two are intrinsically linked, while there is also an emerging acceptance of the need to buy and travel less.

This new way of thinking is putting pressure on companies to revise their sourcing, production and delivery policies, while also incentivising businesses to pay further attention to extending the life of manufactured goods within a circular economy.

Understanding the reasons why we must make both individual and societal changes is a crucial incremental first step, but it is meaningful action that provides the greatest challenge to offsetting the personal health and environmental crises.

A determination to reduce individual harms to the planet can be strengthened by a health goal, such as losing weight, or the adoption of a new philosophy, such as veganism. In doing so, we usually find that helpful support is readily available and this can help furnish us with a new reference structure giving us the confidence to reject previous conformities for more positive outcomes. Leading an eco-friendly vegan life is a win, win situation.

And when set on a new path we become more critical of commercial communications, retail merchandising and often spurious health and environmental claims made or sponsored by interested parties. As a consequence, we begin to mindfully question advertising slogans, critic product labels, confront self-appointed authorities and eventually become more knowledgeable in all aspects of the products we choose to use, wear or consume. One lifestyle change can build a momentum and inspire others to follow.

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